Despacito- my FAVOURITE song right now. I’ve heard it so many times in the last 5 days, I loved it before but I love it even more now. There’s that amazing thing about music, it can take your mind straight back to an exact time or place as soon as you hear that opening chord. The feeling is unreal, it’s like you’re right back in that moment – the nostalgia washes over you like the amazing shower you’ve been craving after a day on the beach. 

And that’s exactly how I’ve spent my last 5 days at work, on the beach with two of my best girls, listening to both versions of Despacito blaring from the speakers of the beach bars multiple times a day – Justin Biebers version and the real Spanish version! 

You’ve heard of “beach money” right?! It’s a common phrase heard in the network marketing industry, because if you’re like me, and have a growing network marketing business, you can literally earn money from anywhere, including the beach. Yes, anywhere. Pina Colada in hand, I’ve been growing my business from the sandy and picturesque beach of Marbella. Every year our company does a Marbella retreat, where hundreds of us get together for one big party to celebrate our businesses. This being my first, excited was an understatement! I think I have around 1000 pictures on my phone from this trip alone…

The experience of arriving at a HUGE villa, greeted with a glass of champagne 🥂 and spending hours dancing to the most amazing DJ with 200 other like minded people… yea, it was pretty awe inspiring! I sat there just looking around thinking “I can’t believe I’m here!” “This is my JOB!” “I get paid to have this much fun!” It dawned on me again, for the hundredth time in the last year, why I gave up the 9-5 rat run for this life. I didn’t have to book any holiday from work, because my work goes with me wherever I go. I didn’t come home with holiday blues, well not many, because I’m on a constant adventure of improving my life and my families with network marketing. 

These are both girls I’ve met since my career in network marketing took off, and I created The Boss It Movement. I’d say the best thing besides the time freedom of working when you like and doing what you love, the ability to earn unlimited amounts in commission, and the entire satisfaction of running your own company YOUR own way, without anyone telling you how, is the friends I’ve made. These two wouldn’t have crossed my path if it weren’t for The Boss It Movement. And now, they’re like sisters to me. Em and Jade I want to Thank You for making the first TBM business trip to Marbs unforgettable, for the constant giggles and the endless fun. You’re both amazing. 

Time to plan the next business adventure ✈️ and if you’re wondering how you can do the same, then pop me a message on my personal FB page – Laura Shellard 


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