Mrs Always Right? Or Mrs always determined… 

I like to think I’m often right about things, that what I set out to do happens because well, I’m always right! 

But the truth is I’m not always right, I’m just always learning. Not in the academic sense, I hated school and not much of what I “learned” is serving me in life right now, but every single day I’m learning, learning about the world. Learning about business. Learning about life. 

I’m a typical air head when it comes to general knowledge, often get told “you should be blonde” (what does that even mean! My best friend is blonde and she’s way too clever for her own good) – and love making people laugh when I have what’s officially known as a Laura – ism. 

But what I do have is a good business head on my shoulders. I see a good opportunity and I rise to the challenge. I learn, I work, and when I really want something I can barely think of anything else but how I’m going to get it and what I need to do to be successful. 

Starting my own online social media business was by far the best business decision I ever made. I’m writing this from my sunny garden, where I’ve spent the last 6 hours sitting in a bikini, eating salmon and scrambled eggs and training my team of over 100 women to get the most out of their businesses. 

I was right when I took on this challenge and no one thought I’d make it a business – the human mind is a powerful thing, and telling a woman she can’t do something only makes her want to do it more! Fact. 

It’s days like today I’m grateful that I chose to be right about my own capabilities in life, and here I am now running my own successful business online, having given up the daily grind to line someone else’s pocket over a year ago. 

I’m not Mrs Always right, but on this occasion, nailed it. 

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