Dubrovnik opened my travelling gypsy soul..

I recently took a trip with my husband to Dubrovnik in Croatia, somewhere neither of us have ever been. 

We wanted to celebrate our Anniversary with a trip, being married for a year isn’t a huge milestone but celebrating the very first anniversary felt so special that we wanted to be somewhere beautiful to get caught up in it all. Dubrovnik didn’t disappoint, in fact, beautiful is somewhat of an understatement. 

We felt like we were in a little bit of paradise. An apartment right in the middle of the old town, where everything was simply stunning. Take your pic of a hundred or more different places to indulge in the local cuisine, stop for a cocktail or wander to the harbour in a minute to dip your toes into the crystal clear sea. We were surrounded by beautiful islands and beaches, couples and families enjoying a piece of tranquility that you rarely get in your every day hustle of life. 

When I tell you the water was clear, honestly; I’ve travelled quite a bit and it’s the clearest, bluest sea I’ve ever seen! 

We weren’t your typical tourists, we didn’t go on every walking tour possible, we didn’t hire jet skis or go on a tour guided glass bottom boat. We simply spent five days forgetting that any other life existed, and soaked up every piece of Dubrovnik in our own relaxed way. Many an hour at beach, swimming in the waves. A ten minute taxi boat over to Lokrum, a small island full of beauty and, an added suprise, peacocks! My whole business brand is built around the silhouette of a peacock and “the beauty achieved when showing your true colours” – so a part of me felt very at home! 

It was much, much hotter than either of us expected, but luckily I was prepared with floaty dresses and new swimwear. ASOS became my best friend before we left, and for once on a holiday I managed to wear everything I’d packed! Winner! There’s no nicer feeling than a cold shower at the end of a beach day, putting on a fresh face of makeup over those new sun freckles and getting changed into something that makes you feel sexy, something that makes you reveal your inner Olivia Palmero. Ok, not quite, but you get my drift. 

I don’t know many women that don’t like to shop, it’s more of an addiction I feel than a love.. but I was happy with my choices! 

Most of all, spending time with my gorgeous husband in a place that we both felt so relaxed, really made me realise how important it is to travel. To seek out new places, eat new cuisine, meet new people, swim in new waters, sleep in new sheets… there’s a huge world out there and if you’re lucky enough to go and see it then go and see it! You have no idea what it can do for your mind body and soul! 

Of course, for me, every day feels like a sort of holiday. I don’t have a daily traffic jam to contend with, or 8 hours stuck in an office. My life is my life, I love every single second of it. But how I now dream of a life where we can both enjoy the view. 

To travel is to live. I’m already looking at where to jet off to next with my love…

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