Summer is here, and so is my first blog…

It’s officially the start of Summer, and officially the start of my blog! Exciting and scary all at the same time! A little like when I started my online business 19 months ago.

I walked out of the house today in a cute yet simple off the shoulder dress that I forgot I owned (like the majority of my bulging wardrobe) and felt extremely grateful that this is my second summer being the boss of my own life.

I headed off to the river with Milo, our dog, and went to meet one of my girls for lunch at the Riverside pub. We talked business of course, amongst other things like fashion and festivals… exciting summer plans and where we think we will be this time next year.

A chicken Cesar salad was just the right amount of yum for a day like today with 31 degrees making for very little appetite. We ate, the dog swam, and our meeting ended up with a very impromptu paddle boat ride down the Thames! Steering boats definitely wasn’t our strong point… I think we will stick to what we know…



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